Grantwriting requires a combination of vision, task analysis, and laser attention to detail.  A good grantwriter must be able to craft a logical document in response to the funder's expectations that is just the right balance of technical proficiency and creative inspiration.  I've been writing successful grant applications for more than a decade in response to funding requests from state agencies,  federal agencies, and local and national foundations.  The roles I can play for you vary from "wrangling"  and editing your writing processes, to crafting a successful evaluation plan (that I can also perform for you once funded), to serving as lead writer for the entire application.  

I have written grant applications to organizations as different as:

The US Department of Education

The Kauffman Foundation

The National Science Foundation

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

The NAMM Foundation

The Kansas State Department of Education

The US Department of State

Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration


Now I'm ready to write with you.