Sometimes the best way to understand your goals and vision is to bring someone in to guide you through the process.  Through both training and experience, I'm ready to be that guide.  I spent nearly a decade as a  college teacher , I have three years' experience as a fitness instructor, and have received training as a group facilitator.  I'm prepared to lead your team through the strategic planning process, or I can guide you through the creation of an effective program evaluation.  I have also received training in Collective Impact Evaluation from the Tamarak Institute and can show you how this innovative approach to assessing the value of your work can benefit your organization.

The bulk of my group facilitation work has been with non-profits across the state of Kansas, but I will tailor my efforts to suit your needs.  Whether your organization needs to reassess your goals, to gain skills in writing successful grant applications, or to determine how best to measure your work, I'd like to guide you through the process.

Here is some feedback from a recent strategic planning session I facilitated:

It was a great experience getting to see and hear the different perspectives and ideas regarding the program. 
This process was much needed for staff to visually see all of the things they are trying to and successfully accomplishing. It was inspirational to see how connected to the work [our] staff remains. It was also interesting how closely aligned all staff are regarding areas of concern & growth

To hear the collective voice of the staff was helpful and powerful.

Let's talk about how facilitation can help your organization thrive!