Evaluation.  The idea of having an outside organization evaluate your program might bring up a variety of reactions--excitement to learn more about what you're accomplishment, trepidation about being "judged," dread that you have to spend money to gain a bunch of useless information.

Let me assure you--an evaluation I conduct for you will not be useless or judgemental.  I pride myself on providing you with evaluations and assessments that are a value-add to you and your program.  You will gain insights into the facets of your program that are functioning well, and how you can grow upon your own successes.  I will work with you to make sure that my program evaluation aligns the needs of your funders,  your organization's leadership, and you.  

Below are links to some evaluations I have conducted over the years.  As these documents might indicate, my expertise is in qualitative research and evaluation.  I take real pride in capturing the thoughts and perceptions of those most directly affected by the project at hand.  Take a look, and then let's talk about how I might help you learn more about the work you're doing.