Most of us, if given a moment for reflection, can call up an activity that truly gives us joy.  For some it might be playing a sport, for others it might be traveling to new locales, or even cooking a favorite meal.  For me, joy has always come from music--dancing, singing, and playing music are, for me, transformative and centering experiences.  That's why I am committed to ensuring that the arts stay a part of the learning and growing experience for all of us.  Whether it is protecting the arts as a core subject in our public schools, or advocating for community arts opportunities at all ages,  I want to continue making a difference for the arts. 

Many of my current work projects are centered around arts advocacy.  On some projects, my work is directly involved with promoting the importance of the arts.  On others, I am providing the data and information to organizations to better prepare them to advocate for themselves.  I have also been involved in research projects, particularly in music education, that show the importance of music in student learning.  Below are links to published research on which I was an author in the field of music education.  (Other reports can be found under the Evaluation tab.)